Venue Finding

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Venue finding is our core and is a complimentary service that we offer to corporate clients. With a longstanding presence in the corporate events industry, our team has extensive personal knowledge and intelligence on a diverse portfolio of venues in the UK, Europe, as well as parts of APAC & The Middle East. We work on your behalf to identify the best locations, whilst greatly reducing the time and effort required to locate, book and manage your event. We are then paid a commission (Finders fee) by the venue after the event has taken place.

Our meticulous attention to detail starts with listening to and understanding your exact requirements, taking into consideration your specific needs, before we recommend and contact any venues/hotels. The advice given to you is wholly independent and impartial as we are a private run business. Due to our trusted and strong relationships with many venues globally, we can meet your precise requirements, secure venues and negotiate the best rates for your event. Our complimentary venue searches allow for all discounts and savings to be passed on directly to you. We DO NOT mark up any costs from the venue.

In addition to this, we can also manage your accommodation search and put together the costs for your guests and staff to stay close to your chosen event location. We manage the rooming lists for you as a part of this service, saving you money and more importantly, time.

The reasons to use a Venue Finding Agency/Broker aren’t limited to the fact the service is complimentary. A good Venue Finder like us, will pick out Venues based on your exact brief and send you 3 to 4 options with clear concise information and photos in order for you to make your informed decision. We make it simple for you to compare venue attributes against each other, so that the decision isn’t just based purely on cost and which is cheapest. We highlight the pros and cons of each venue in relation to your brief. All of this is time consuming and let’s face it, there are not enough hours in the day! Venue Finders save you time and TIME=MONEY.

We will also save you money though! We are experienced with venue proposals, we see them day in day out and know what to look for that can be negotiated on or taken off.  95% of our proposals include a cost saving of some kind.

By using us as an agency, you have 1 point of contact for all your events around the world, meaning less people chasing you and taking up your valuable time!

How do I enquire?

All you need to do is pick up the phone or email us on – We do all of the work from there!

Do you only operate in the UK?

Far from it! We operate world-wide, but are experts of UK & Europe- with over 60% of our events taking place in Europe alone.

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing, we provide you with a complimentary venue finding service. We are 100% commission based, as a venue broker.

How does it work?


We listen to your event specifications, your detailed needs and any other considerations. This is how we refine our research to find the best suited venues for you.


With our extensive knowledge of venues across the UK, Europe and The Middle East; our venue searches will look at suitable properties for your event and in your preferred geographic destination(s).


Using our trusted relationships with venues and other contacts in the industry we can secure availability and negotiate the best rates on your behalf.


Based upon your specifications we create a detailed proposal of the venues, this includes rooms, rates, offers and any other relevant information that is required.


The final steps include booking site inspections upon your request and confirm any venues you wish to go forward with for your event.