Incentive Travel

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Incentive travel provides your team with an opportunity to relax, network, enjoy themselves and switch off from their business brain for a while.

In addition to Venue Finding, Incentive Travel planning is a complimentary service that we offer to corporate clients. We work on your behalf to identify the best locations for your incentive trip, whilst greatly reducing the time and effort required to enquire, book and manage your itinerary.

Venues For Business work with many corporate companies to build and promote their Sales Incentives, in order to incentivise staff to hit a target, then reward them in the best way possible. Our Incentives can be within the UK, or more commonly, abroad.

We create a bespoke program for your staff to cater for all. This program includes the flights, transfers, activities, accommodation, group activities and food and beverage.

We understand that not everyone in a corporate team is going to enjoy the same activities or be as adventurous as others. Because of this, we propose a tiered activity proposal to ensure every activity is appropriate, yet exciting for your range of delegates and delivered within your budget too.

We often work with partners such as Convention Bureaus & Destination Travel Management Companies (DMC’s) that are based on the ground in your chosen destination. This is to ensure that you are looked after, from the minute you land, to the second you take off back home. They are there to ensure everything runs smoothly, that you are kept safe and are there should your group get stuck in any situation (flight cancellation, natural disaster, strikes etc).

The great thing about working with these types of partners is they can speak the language, they also get a wholesale rates, meaning that they pass on their discounted rates to us, which we pass on to you!

**Please note, some of the services given by the DMC are of course chargeable, but we are very open and transparent about this within the proposal. Their services are also completely optional. Please enquire for more info!

Partner Programs

As business owners ourselves, we are very much aware of the important role spouses and partners play in supporting our employees behind the scenes. So, we are always pleased to create bespoke Partner Programs that are interesting, exclusive and relaxing.

At Venues for Business, we create a variety of activities, outings and relaxing moments to create a memorable day, every day. From track days to a day at the races, to exclusive tours of famous places, we can create partner entertainment and activities to suit both your guests and your budget.

How do I enquire?

All you need to do is pick up the phone or email us! We do all of the work from there!

Do you only operate in the UK?

Far from it! We operate world-wide, with over 60% of our events taking place in Europe alone.

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing, we provide you with a complimentary venue finding service.

How does it work?


We listen to your incentive brief , initial ideas and any other considerations such as age range of staff attending, size of group etc. From this, we then have a better understanding on how we can refine our proposal for you, to ensure it meets the needs and desires of everyone in the group.


As a venue finder with 25 years of experience and building contacts within the industry, we will be able to suggest locations straight away based on your brief. From there, we will build you a proposal for you to choose your preferred geographic destination(s).


We will negotiate the best rates for your group. We know which provider to go to for flights and transfers, as well as to run your activities within your chosen destination. Our main aim is to find you the best rates within the industry and keep the rates down as low as possible to ensure that you have the maximum amount of budget to spend on all the fun parts of the incentive!


Venues For Business will provide you with a proposal that includes multiple destinations for you to review. Within each destination, you will see the types of accommodation, food & beverage venues and activities that are on offer in those locations, as well as the initial costs.   This way, you are able to compare destinations and hotels with ease due to our clear and concise proposal. We want to make sure that you choose the best location for your group, with something that suits  every person within the group!


The final steps include booking site inspections if needed. We will then find the best flight times for you, book your flights, transfers, accommodation, dinners and activities that you wish to go forward with for your incentive trip.