Do you only operate within the UK?2018-08-07T15:40:18+00:00

We have a vast amount of experience working outside of the UK, with over 50% of our events held across Europe & the World.

Is there minimum and maximum limit as to group or event size?2018-07-30T18:23:54+00:00

There is no limit, we can assist with any group or event size, from a 2 person board meeting to a conference for hundreds of delegates. 

Whats the catch?2018-07-30T18:23:30+00:00

There is no catch. We offer an exceptional venue finding free of charge to you!  

What happens once you’ve found some suitable venues?2018-07-30T18:18:56+00:00

We will then send you a number of event proposals from the different venues. Once you have chosen those that you are interested in we will provisionally hold them and organise a site visit to help with the decision process.

If your services are free, how do you make money?2018-07-16T19:41:20+00:00

It is standard industry practice for the venue to offer commission to the agent booking your event. The commission we receive has no effect on the rates that are offered to you

How do I make a payment?2018-07-16T19:36:51+00:00

Payment goes directly to the venue and event supplier.

What happens when I have chosen a venue?2018-07-16T19:36:29+00:00

You will need to confirm your chosen venue with us, then we will confirm the booking on your behalf. We will put together a detailed confirmation with all of the event details, this will be sent to you and the venue. Once this has been approved we will continue to liaise with you and the venue regarding contract, payment and additional updates.

Can you help with other event requirements we may have?2018-07-16T19:34:13+00:00

We offer a full event management service, whether that is organising team building days to delegate liaising. Let us know what we can assist with and we will prepare a quote.

Are you limited in which venues you can work with?2018-07-16T19:16:19+00:00

No, as we are a private company, independently run, we have no ties to specific venues.This also indicates our impartial and honest approach when it comes to finding the most appropriate and best suited venues for you.