We work on your behalf to identify the best locations whilst greatly reducing the time and effort required to locate, book and manage your event…


Our services cover the entire timescale of the event, this starts from the initial brief to the last moments of the event…


With delegates being the most important component of an event, it is essential to provide the most efficient and well-planned management of the registration process, travel and accommodation for them…

What we offer…

We are an established venue finding agency with an extensive network of key contacts in the UK, Europe and Asia-Pacific. We offer a complimentary venue finding service that is tailored to you based on your brief. Every brief for each of our corporate clients is completely different, so we are never limited in experience or creativity! We provide a very personable approach to your venue finding and event management needs, whilst making sure that we work alongside you from ideas to event conception, listening to what is important to you and selecting venues that will fit your specific requirements and meet your brand values.

Hear from our clients….

“Such a great venues and events agency to work with. Thanks for all you help this year and beyond Amy”

“Happy to celebrate another successful event organised with the expert and invaluable assistance Venues For Business – I can’t recommend them enough”

EA, SOCOTEC Building Control

“Just a quick note to say Thank you!  Thank you for helping me this year, I couldn’t have done it  without you & Venues for Business.”

EA, Global IT Firm

“Hi Amy, Just wanted to thank you for all you did for us, everything ran very smoothly and all to plan.  Many thanks for all your organising and assistance.”

Charlie, Director, SOCOTEC Building Control

“Hi Amy, Thanks very much for all your help on this event. It was a pleasure working with you and made the process very streamlined.”

Event Manager – IMECHE

“You’ll be the first person I’ll turn to if an opportunity arises because you always deliver a great service and its a great company to work with. I would always recommend you guys”

Chris, Toshiba

“As always, your services are very much appreciated, which seems an understatement”

“Thank you so much for all your support and help this week, you helped us deliver a very successful and productive event”

“If one has never had to put on the amazing retreat you did this week, one never really knows the huge attention to detail that is required”

“You created, arranged for, and delivered one of the best retreats I’ve ever attended.  I certainly don’t know as much about leading that show as you do, but from my perspective I’d say it was sensational: the venue was drop-dead perfect, I can’t imagine asking for anything better, you orchestrated the 3 days so that the flow was perfect, each module supported the other, the participants seemed involved and engaged throughout, and the food was delicious. As I think I said to you, to the rest of us it looked easy and natural……exactly what you want people to think”

“I just want to emphasize what a phenomenal job you did this week.  Your attention to detail is really incredible.  Several people mentioned how well-organized the event was, which in turn allowed them to get the most out of the sessions.  That’s all thanks to you.”

Global Experts in Venue Finding